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Unleash Your Child's Inner Hippie with Our Bohemian Clothing Line

Do you remember the time when you were young, wild, and free? You would run barefoot in the grass, climb trees, and explore the world with your curious eyes. That's the spirit we want to bring back to your child's life. The Bohemian lifestyle is all about freedom, creativity, and self-expression. 

Make our Hippie Hats your “Halo of Happiness”

Choosing the right hippie hat for your unique personality needn’t be a frustrating or nerve-racking undertaking. Our hats are more than just accessories that adorn your head - they are an expression of who you are. Not only are they ideal for protecting your face against harmful UV rays, a great hat can change your day.

Wholesale singing bowls for sale

Complete Guide to Choosing your Singing Bowl

Thinking of buying a singing bowl but not sure about the criteria to consider before making your purchase? Tibetan singing bowls come in a wide variety of types and sizes so choosing the right one for you may seem a bit daunting. Quality singing bowls don’t come cheap so buying one is an investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Here’s Why We Love our Selection of Hippie Men’s Clothes

Handcrafted in the shadow of the mighty Himalaya’s, our selection of hippie men’s clothes just never stops trending up. If this is your type of fashion, we have a collection of styles that will unleash your inner hippie. In this blog, we’ll tell you just why we love our men’s hippie clothes and why we believe they should be a must in wardrobes all over the world.

Discover the Benefits of Buying Wholesale Hippie Clothing

Thinking of buying wholesale clothing? Are you opening a retail business and intend on making some big purchases? The advantages of buying wholesale clothing may surprise you. To draw customers to your shop or boutique, you’ve got to find clothing and accessories that turn heads. 

Hippie Bohemian Hoodie from Nepal

Top 10 Reasons to buy from our Hippie Clothes Store

Himalayan Handmades constantly strives to be the best online hippie clothes store bringing you a diverse range of products direct from Kathmandu. We are proud to stock all the unique, quality, and colourful clothing and accessories that you would expect from a hippie bohemian shop. 

5 Essentials for a Killer Hippie Bohemian Hideaway in Your Home

Are looking for some inspirational ideas that are guaranteed to bring some good vibes into your home? We’ve put together a list of 5 killer suggestions that will transform your living area into the ultimate hippie bohemian haven. You need to enjoy the space you use to escape. 

An Insider’s Guide to Dressing like a Hippie

The hippie subculture is synonymous with rock & folk music, celebrations of life, non-violence and radical fashion statements. Their influence on fashion has endured. It is still strongly visible and continues to make a mark today. 

10 Reasons Why Our Hemp Bags & Backpacks Will Drive Traffic To Your Store

When Stephen Forster started Himalayan Handmades back in the 90’s, he imported just 1 hessian bag of clothing. It weighed around 45 kgs. It’s been a long journey for him but 28 years later, his international online store has grown to stock more than 2000 products & serve retailers worldwide. 

The Relaxing Aromas of Incense

Why You Need The Relaxing Aromas of Incense

The pungent scents of incense smoke is not just used to cover up unpleasant odours, they provide a host of other benefits from stress relief to spiritual healing. Whether you’d like to believe it or not, incense has the power to influence your mood, the atmosphere around you, and create a relaxed vibe. Get captivated by the fragrances of our handcrafted incense and discover exotic scents from faraway places.

Wholesale incense

Why is Incense so Popular?

Incense has been around for thousands of years and has played an important role in the everyday lives of millions worldwide. When burned, they release odours that can either be pleasing or putrid. Some of the aromatic scents of incense are said to accentuate the senses, reduce stress and alleviate insomnia. It is also used for aromatherapy, purification, in preparation of prayer and for rituals. Many cultures and religions have been using these smelly smoke sticks from as early as 3300 BC. Throughout many parts of the world, the use of incense for ritualistic and recreational purposes still remains present. Made of plant materials and essential oils, incense combines a heat source with aromatic elements that release fragrant smoke when burned.

Whether you’re looking for a healing scent, a meditation scent or just want to bring a pleasant smell into your surroundings, we’re sure you will find a fragrance that will suit your needs. Let’s explore just a few in our vast range and briefly break each one down. We hope that some of the products in our selection help your find your scent and serenity.

Burning incense sticks

The Tree Of Life Incense – Inspired by the fruit-bearing tree, the Tree of Life is believed to be the cosmic tree that connects all forms of creation. Tree of Life incense sticks are hand-rolled from carefully harvested Himalayan herbs, oils, resins and spices. This all-natural incense blend is available in 5 fragrances and each one provides you with something different.

Roots: For good fortune, choose Roots. We recommended this blend for yoga, meditation, relaxation and as an offering to the Buddhas. This is crafted using nag champa along with other specific herbal blends.

Trunk: For body and soul we have Trunk. This fragrance is made using red sandalwood and specific herbal blends.

Leaves: To bring peace and prosperity, the Leaves are want you want. Holy basil and specific herbal blends are used here.

Branches: are for knowledge & learning – Frankincense is used here

Fruits: is recommended if you’re in dire need of stress relief. Amber is used here.


5 Elements Incense Sticks – These handmade Tibetan incense sticks from Nepal are prepared using all natural ingredients. They incorporate the 5 elements namely:

Fire - Good evening incense. Helps foster clarity while dreaming

Water - A meditation blend for use during meditation. Removes tension and purifies the mind.

Blue Sky - Good morning incense for purification of mental alertness and courage.

Wind - A healing blend beneficial for relieving stress, tension and depression.

Earth - A clean, wonderful scent that will calm and relax you.


Natural Ayurvedic Rope Incense – This traditional Himalayan rope incense is prepared in accordance with "ancient traditional vaidic formula of the ayurvedic texts" Rope incense is made by sprinkling raw incense powder onto thin strips of handmade paper which are then twisted into ropes. This rope incense is great for concentration or to purify the atmosphere. 


Natural Cone Incense - Made from delicate blends of exotic flowers & selected herbs & spices, this incense is available in a variety of fragrances. They provide gentle aromas and create spiritual moods. These cones are great to use as an air freshener as well. Choose from fragrances that include tea tree, patchouli, sandalwood, jasmine, lemon grass and more.


If you’re unsure of which blend is right for your needs, why not choose one of our incense gift packs. They contain a variety of fragrances and are great as gifts or promotional products.

Himalayan Herbs Gift Pack - Contains 4 different natural aromatherapeutic incenses.


Siddhartha incense gift pack – Contains Relaxense, Everest ritual Tibetan incense, pure sandalwood incense and Ritual Tibetan incense.


Travelling Alter Gift Pack – This contains a complete package of Tibetan & Nepali incense ideal for worshiping during travel. When you purchase this box set, you will get the following: Offering Khada, prayer flags, mala prayer beads, Buddha statue, candle, cone incense, stick incense, rope incense, incense burner & natural resin.


Bring untold smells to your home or retail space and add a touch of ambience by burning incense. Our wide selection is available at wholesale prices and we ship to many countries worldwide.  Our herbal Tibetan incense range is collectively made out of various aromatic herbs founds in high altitude regions of Tibet and the plains of Nepal. Our selection of herbal medicated incense sticks are made under the strict control of renowned herb masters. Our traditional Tibetan handmade incense is made following key instructions. This collection is widely used by Buddhist’s and many others for the purpose of meditation, relaxation, purifying and offerings.

Incense wholesalers

Looking for wholesale incense sticks? Himalayan Handmades has an online incense shop with a selection of incense that can be used for spiritual or health purposes. Our wholesale incense prices are fair allowing you the opportunity to stock your shop with a range of aromatic sticks direct from the manufacturer. Whether your looking for incense sticks or incense cones, our online store is the place to get it. 

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Tibetan Ritual Treasures

Discover A World Of Tibetan Dharma Treasures

Namaste friends and a very warm welcome to our blog. We’re so glad you’ve joined the ranks of our small, but growing group of readers. Todays’ article is all about helping you discover inspirational ideas and unique perspectives for your meditation space. We hope our suggestions will breathe life into your practice and help you to create a tranquil meditation room. Are you ready to discover a treasure trove of hand-picked Tibetan & Nepalese Buddhist handcrafts? Then read on.

Kids Hippie Bohemian Clothing

The Ultimate Range Of Kids Hippie Bohemian Clothing

If you’ve ever purchased any of our kids hippie bohemian style clothing, chances are you were bombarded with this question; “Where did buy those adorable clothes?” Who says you can’t wear fun? Sometimes we find ourselves struggling to find the right words to describe our delightful hippie kids clothing designs. For the ultimate range of boho kids apparel, look no further than Himalayan Handmades. 

Yoga Pants

Harem Pants – The Best Yoga Pants We Think You Will Ever Buy

Your attire plays an instrumental role in the flow and pleasure of your yoga sessions. Lightweight, relaxed fit trousers are essential to your asanas. Staying comfortable is key during your sessions as it enables you to focus on your poses and control your breathing. For this reason, you need sturdy and stretchy pants that won’t restrict your movement.
Bohemian Tattoos

Express Yourself With A Boho Tattoo

Johnny Depp once said - “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” If you’re a tattoo fanatic then I’m sure you couldn’t agree more. Tattoos are more than just body art - They are a way of expressing yourself and giving others an insight into who you are. 
Bohemian arm tattoo 

Tattoos can also be visual interpretations of your inner-most feelings or your spiritual and cultural traditions. Its artistic freedom – Thrilling - Adventurous.

Express Yourself With A Boho Tattoo

Boho Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos have a long and rich history that dates back to the Stone Age over 12 000 years ago. According to Wikipedia: “The oldest discovery of tattooed human skin to date is found on the body of Ötzi the Iceman, dating to between 3370 and 3100 BC.” In today’s blog, we will be taking a closer look at some of the most common bohemian tattoos that you will probably see gracing the bodies of free spirits around the world.
 Arm, Shoulder & Bicep Tattoos
Arm tattoos have to be my favourite. They are mostly visible which means that you can show them off relatively easy. Getting a tattoo on your outer fore-arm is less painful than most other areas of the body. The inner fore arm, hands, wrists and area around the elbow can be a bit more painful but ultimately worth it when you see the finished product. If you're struggling to find inspiration, the internet can be a great source for ideas.
Boho arm tattoo   Boho colour arm tattoo
For the bold and adventurous, a full sleeve with a compilation of images that tell a story could be for you. For those wanting a minimalist design, perhaps just a single feather, some text, or maybe a simple sunflower design would be perfect. It’s ultimately up to you.
You can mix and match colors and designs or opt for a full monotone design. Among our best loved bohemian themed arm tattoos have to be a Mandala design, dream catcher or imaginative sun and moon combo styles. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designs so take your time choosing what’s right for you. Try not to be too easily influenced by your friends or family. Instead, why not just consider some of their ideas and take it from there. 
Bohemian arm tattoo 
Mandala tattoo
Wrist & Hand Tattoos
For those who want to be the center of attention, hand tattoos are definitely for you. They are visible and eye-catching almost all of the time so a great deal of thought needs to go into a design that you are comfortable with. Among many others, a colorful Bohemian Hamsa design is an option.
Hand tattoos are incredibly graceful and require a skilled artist to pull off a design that you will be happy with. When choosing a tattoo for your outer hand, take great care to choose a classic one as you use your hands quite often so you want a style that preferably reflects your personality.
Wrist tattoos tend to be generally small in size as they cover a limited area so choose a clear yet exciting pattern. A small, subtle lotus tattoo would be a great option. Again, the design options are endless so take your time choosing.
Boho hand tattoo     Boho body art
Thigh & Leg Tattoos
For the beach bums in bikinis or those who wear mostly skirts or shorts, then leg and thigh tattoos would be up your alley. As with most tattoos, creativity is always key. Since leg tattoos are generally underappreciated, why not explore some cool designs that will grab attention and turn heads.
Ultimately the design you choose is up to you but full leg designs are great as just a single small tattoo on a leg tends to get a bit lost. Minimalist bracelet designs wrapped around your ankles or thighs are great for those who don’t want to be too flashy or "out there"
Back Tattoos
Back tattoos can be incredibly stylish and sexy. Your tattoo artist has a bigger canvas to work on so opting for larger more powerful and bold statement pieces would be advisable. As with most tattoos, you can tell stories with a back tattoo and their end results are nothing short of spectacular.
For boho-themed designs you can let your imagination run wild. They can be single themed designs or combinations of whatever your heart desires. Floral, animal, cultural, nature or religious designs are just a few ideas you can play with. Mix and match to tell your story. Be creative and experimental with your ideas.
Boho back tattoo       Mandala back tattoo
In Conclusion
For those less sensitive individuals and those with high pain thresholds, neck, chest and stomach tattoos are also great. Remember that tattoos are permanent so do your research before deciding to get inked. Think of the placement, the design and the size. Some are not cheap so make sure your budget can cover the costs. Keep in mind that they do hurt so prepare yourself physically and mentally for the pain. Stay away from alcoholic drinks when you get your tattoo as it thins your blood and makes you bleed a lot more. Avoid the sun before and after your session and make sure your artist is a reputable one.
Until next time…..Here is your quote of the day.
“Our bodies were printed as blank pages to be filled with the ink of our hearts” ― Michael Biondi
Modern Day Hippies

Modern-Day Hippies – Are You One?

Have you ever wondered if you fall into the category of a being a “modern-day” hippie? Well, there are a number of signs and habits that could prove that you are indeed one. If you consider yourself a contemporary hippie, then why not read on and see how many of these traits you can check off our top 20 list.
Hippie-Bohemian Gift Ideas

Hippie-Bohemian Gifts For Her – Our Top 5 Picks

The festive season is once again almost upon us. It’s that time of the year when you’re probably scurrying around trying to buy gifts for special people. If you’re stuck on what to get for the hippie-bohemian woman in your life, then we’ve got you covered. Celebrate that special someone with a free-spirited gift that she is sure to adore.

Hemp Plant

Get Hyped Up For Hemp

In today’s blog we will be focusing on that versatile “miracle fiber” called hemp. It’s a durable and affordable fabric that demands more attention in the clothing and fashion industry. It’s a sustainable plant that has far less impact on our planet than the farming of cotton. Hemp needs to be embraced for its versatility as well as it’s many other benefits.
Hippie Style Jumpsuit

Pull Off Your Jumpsuit/Dungaree Look - Hippie Style

Looking for a complete, instant outfit that’s super-comfortable? Our hippie-style jumpsuits are statement makers. It’s effortless and unconventional style that belongs in your wardrobe. Turn heads with our range of dungarees that are especially designed for adventurous souls. They are simple, yet versatile pieces that can be styled however you like.
Tie dye trend

Hop On The Tie Dye Bandwagon

Tie dye just does not seem to be showing any signs of dying off. It was all the rage in the 60’s and then made a comeback in the 90’s and 2000’s with celebrities from Rihanna to Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey showing their love for the trend. Suddenly it’s everywhere and seems it’s enjoying a new lease on life. It’s a technique that has been around for centuries although the modern term, “tie-dye” was coined in the USA in the 1960’s.
Yoga Meditation Beads

Using Your Buddhist Prayer Beads For Meditation

Like many other prayer beads used in religions worldwide, Tibetan prayer beads or mala beads are similar. Malas are used for the spiritual practice known as “japa” which is the meditative repetition of a mantra or a divine name. Mala is a Sanskrit word meaning “garland.” Mala beads are used to keep count of your mantra repetitions.

Hippie Movies

4 Must See Movies About Hippie Subculture

If you’re a baby boomer then you will are obviously familiar with the hippie subculture of the 60’s and 70’s. It was an era largely dominated by protests, drugs, revolutionary movements as well as fearless and daring cinematic interpretation. The 60’s were without a doubt one of the most memorable, complicated and iconic decades in history.


Hippie culture

Understanding Hippie Lingo – 101

Namaste friends, and welcome to what we hope will be an informative lesson on understanding the slang spoken by those free-spirited people we call hippies. The 60’s and 70’s were taken over by this subculture of expressive, colourful individuals. They embraced their values and largely rejected mainstream or conformist life. The hippie movement in the 60’s influenced law, politics and fashion.
Boho Hippie Festival Fashion

Choosing The Right Boho Hippie Festival Wear

Depending on where you are in the world, festival weather can either be scorching hot or dreary and wet. No worries. We have you covered for your festival outfit come rain or shine. Whether you’re singing in the rain at Glastonbury or soaking up the sun rays at Lollapalooza or Coachella, we have the gear that suits any climate.

Wearing a hippie clothing in the form of a funky hoodie, sitting on a cyclo in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Unique wholesale hippie clothing for unusual, cool and creative retailers

This is a diverse range of Nepalese clothing and accessories for shops that are either on the fringe of hippy fashion, on the edge of Bohemian freedom or in the centre of funky hippie-chic. Whether your customers are looking for psy-trance mini skirts, flowing gypsy skirts or ethnic tribal shawls, Himalayan Handmades International will have something for you.