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Bone malas

Bone beads necklace

Looking for a wide range of the most stunning bone malas? We have over 20 amazing styles that include yak bone prayer beads handcrafted in gorgeous designs and colours. Handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal, our bone malas are traditionally used to count mantras while meditating. They come with numerous benefits that include healing properties, personal growth, an increased self-awareness, and improved physical health. Our 108 bead prayer necklaces are brought to you direct from the Himalayan valley and are sold at the best possible wholesale prices online. 

Mala prayer beads

A 108 bead mala necklace is a great tool to use for meditation or even as a spiritual accessory. 108 is considered to be a sacred and powerful number for many reasons. The number 108 is said to represent the unity and wholeness of existence and is a symbol of spiritual completition. Whether you call them meditation beads, yoga beads, or Japa malas, our prayer beads will no-doubt enhance your spiritaul practices and help you regain your inner harmony. Add some of these meditation tools to your art today and we will ship them to your door in most major destinations including the USA, New Zealand, Australia and more. Get your order sent to you direct from the manufacturer and cut costs.