Get Hyped Up For Hemp

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Get Hyped Up For Hemp

In today’s blog will be focusing on that versatile “miracle fiber” called hemp. It’s a durable and affordable fabric that demands more attention in the clothing and fashion industry. It’s a sustainable plant that has far less impact on our planet than the farming of cotton. Hemp needs to be embraced for its versatility as well as it’s many other benefits.
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It’s no secret that the fashion industry has a bad reputation when it comes to environmental responsibility. It’s said to be third most polluting industry on the planet next to the fuel industry and agriculture. The demand for more environmentally friendly and sustainable products is increasing among many consumers worldwide.

Hemp farming enriches the soil, it grows faster than cotton, does not demand much watering and our favourite – It requires no chemical pesticides or fertilizers. In addition, compared to cotton farming, hemp farming produces more per acre.

Besides being used in the manufacture of clothing and accessories, hemp is also used to produce high-quality paper. The seeds are known for their nutritional benefits. They are a source of protein and are also used in oils, soaps, health foods and many other products.
Will Hemp Ultimately Replace Cotton?

Because hemp is an environmentally sustainable plant and also one of the strongest, it may just be revolutionary for clothing manufacturers. Its versatility means that it can be used in the manufacturing of products such as bags, hats, dresses, jeans, skin care products and more. Basically, almost anything you can make with cotton, you can make from hemp.

Cotton products are now facing some really stiff competition in the form of hemp and although we may not see the end of cotton just yet, we may see more of its cheaper counterpart on clothing racks and fashion runways. With the increased popularity and usage of hemp products, it seems inevitable that it may just be a replacement for cotton in the not too distant future.
The Benefits Of Hemp Clothing

It’s Eco-Friendly - First and foremost, the eco-friendliness of hemp has to be one of the most important benefits of this “super plant” Growing cotton is far more harmful to the environment than growing hemp. Farming hemp uses less water than cotton farming and it also eliminates the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers that harm the environment.

It’s Durable – Unlike cotton, hemp fibers get softer over time. It is a light-weight, and absorbent fiber that has three times the tensile strength of cotton which means it can be stretched without breaking or tearing after washing.

Blends With Other Fibers – Because hemp is so versatile in its fabric form, it blends effortlessly with other textiles. It may not be the softest fabric but it makes up for that by being able to mix well with its more supple counterparts.

Requires Less Land To Grow – As we mentioned before, hemp requires much less land to grow than cotton does. In fact, it uses almost half the area. Moreover, it can produce three times more fiber than cotton can in the same amount of land.

UV Protective – Because hemp is tightly woven, it serves as great protection from those harmful UV sun rays.

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