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Himalayan Handmades Int FAQ
Can I buy just one piece?
No it is not possible for a manufacturer to make just one piece. We are a wholesale website & require a minimum order quantity per style.

Are the prices on the website wholesale? 
Yes they are wholesale prices for retailers. If you are a wholesaler, please send a list of the items you like and we will give you discounted prices for wholesalers.
Which countries do you send to?
USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, Germany, France, Holland, Scandanavia, Spain and other European countries. We are able to send to any country around the world.

Why do you prefer a bank transfer?
We have been using PayPal for a number of years now. We receive a Payment and that is 3.9% plus fixed fee. Then we need to clear it into an offshore account because there is no PayPal in Nepal and that is another cost. There is a loss due to the exchange rate. Then we have to send most of that payment to Nepal via a Bank to Bank transfer, the exact transfer that we would prefer our customers to do. This costs money to send the payment and receive the pament. Bottom line, it is just too expensive. But in saying that, we do accept PayPal. We just ask that you consider a bank transfer.
Do I have to pay on checkout?
No, you can choose to have a look at your order and the courier costs. We will then contact you and if you are happy with your order, we will send through our banking details, which are also on your order.
Do you have a minimum order?
Minimum order is US$250. Smaller orders incur higher courier rates. Most of our orders are over US$500 which makes the cost of courier acceptable.
Why do we have to buy a minimum of 6 - 15 pieces for some items?
We don't keep stock of all items and so our manufacturers will make orders for us on request. They usually have much higher minimum orders however for our customers we can make a minimum of 6 - 15 pieces. It is too costly to make smaller orders and it also affects the dying process - we can't just dye 3 pieces!
Do you sell to the general public?
No we don't sell to the general public. We sell to retailers who have shops or sell at festivals. We also supply wholesalers at lower prices. 
What distinguishes you from other companies exporting from Nepal?
There is a saying in Nepal "same, same but different" Most shops and online sellers seem to sell very similiar designs. We try and redesign or create new designs for retailers looking for something unique. We do also have items that are common, but we would preface that by saying, those items are popular and there is a demand for them. We feel our range is different and that your customers will appreciate the fact that you have sourced something that is not "same, same but different"! 
What payment options do you offer?
At the moment customers can pay into our bank account which is with Himalayan Bank in Kathmandu. Your bank can arrange a swift transfer for you, bank to bank. We also accept payment using Western Union & PayPal.
How long do orders usually take?
If everything goes smoothly we should have your order packed up within 35 - 40 working days, your payment takes a few days to reflect and then we courier your order door to door. We have to make most of the items. In 40 working days you should have your order, however in Nepal things do not always run like clockwork. There are festivals, strikes, monsoon rains, supplier delays and more recently, a devastating earthquake. But the bottom line - We will get your order done as fast as we can. Power cuts have become the norm in Nepal, sometimes lasting up to 16 hours, depending on the time of year.
How has Covid-19 affected your operations?
Longer delivery times unfortunately. Lock downs have resulted in orders taking a lot longer to make. There are less courier companies and therefore less competition and so courier costs have risen dramatically, not just in Nepal but worldwide. There are less passenger flights which means orders are taking longer to reach their destination due to a back log at major centres like Dubai and airports in Germany. We hope 2022 will be better.
Which courier do you use?
Usually DHL, UPS or Fedex - but it depends on the destination.
Can you airfreight an order?
Sure, no problem. The order needs to be 45kg or higher.
Can you source items?
Yes, definitely! If you see something you think is from Nepal, drop us an e-mail and we will source it for you.
Are you looking at getting a bigger range?
As our cash flow builds up, we will add new items to our range. We have a larger range for 2022.
Are you going to increase your range to include other items from Nepal?
We are essentially in the rag trade however Nepal has so much more to offer and so YES, we are going to diversify. Dharma products, dream catchers & jewelry are already on the website.
Why do some countries have to pay higher courier charges?
The courier companies do not have the same rates for all countries.
Who pays customs duties?
The customer is always liable to pay customs duties, depending on their country. Some countries have agreements with Nepal and there is no duty. In Australia there is no duty for orders under AUS1000. USA and Canada have very little or no customs duty. Please check with a forwarding agent in your country. South Africa has the highest we know of at 45% plus 15% VAT. Even so, clothing from Nepal sells extremely well in South Africa.