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I have received the bags and am thrilled. I'm going to do some research first in terms of sales. I myself have no doubts about it. We will keep in touch.
Karin Notenboom, Netherlands
On behalf of Sandrano Bags
5 July 2021

Hi, my order has arrived. Thanks

Linda, Merry Moon, New Zealand
29 June 2021

Have received parcel...thankyou so much
Auckland, New Zealand

Yay!! The other box finally made it!! Everything is beautiful as usual
Faye from Sugar Mag’s Rags
New Jersey, USA
17 April 2021|

Thanks Stephen. So excited! You guys are the best!
Lauren Wootton
New Zealand
7 April 2021

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your business and am extremely happy with the 1st shipment. Delivery was straight to my door, tracking info/timing was very accurate, and it arrived in excellent condition, packed nicely. There we no customs/duty fees. I am happy with service and the products look great.
Max Brasseal, Hawaii, USA

I got my third box in with the dresses, thank you so much.
I am happy with everything, the quality is excellent.
I guess the two I questioned I did order, they just weren't what I expected, my fault.
So, thank you for everything.
Lynda Kinnunen
Washington, USA

Hi Stephen order has reached us. Thanks
Desiree Sutherland
19 February 2021

Hello, I just got my order. The work and quality are excellent, thank you.
All the men's apparel is perfect, love it all.
Got everything that I ordered.
Lynda Kinnunen

We are so pleased with the order we placed with you and what we've received of it so far.
Rebecca Ramsey, USA

I received my order today! I absolutely love them.
April Veley, South Dakota, USA

Hi guys!! I want to thank you sooo much!! I received my order just on time for my festival Saturday!!! It was a great success!! I'm really so grateful!! All the clothes and bags I ordered are awesome!!!! You get 5 stars from me!! And what great communication and service!! I apologize for being pushy, I was nervous I wouldn't get it in time, but you guys were on point and true to your word!! Will be ordering again!! Thank you!!  - Kari Colombo- The Weird Little Shop-Pleasant Garden-USA- 19/06/2017

Hi Stephen, Arrived safely today - thanks for that.
Best wishes Shaz
New Zealand

Hi there Stephen, just wanted to let you know that my package arrived today and I'm absolutely thrilled with the quality of the garments. I will definitely be placing regular orders. A quick question for you; am I able to use your stock photos in my advertising? Many thanks for your time,
NSW, Australia

The items are beautiful we are very please with the quality! I will be ordering again in january.
Diane, Palm Desert, California
2 November 2016

Hello, I received the parcel. 
I love the Shawls, Also more beautiful than I thought.
The woolen is so soft and warm, I'm definetely satisfied with them.
Thanks, Kind regards 
Stella, Italy

The package was waiting for me at the post office. Thanks for everything Stephen. ???? Take care!!
Best wishes,
North Carolina, USA

 The package arrived today. The items are really great! Thank you. 
Kind regards, Fiona
September 2016

 Yes!!! I can't believe they are here!!!
Thanks Stephen. They are very cute and I'm
Sure will sell. 
South Australia

 Good Morning Stephen My shipment arrived yesterday and I just finally got a chance to go through it. I'm ecstatic with all my goods. So very pleased with the quality and selection. Thank you so very much for everything and I hope we can still do business in the future. My boss is now comfortable with your company lol. Again thank you so much, I've already picked 5 pieces out for myself. Is there any place I can write a review for your company? I've already shared your information with 2 of my friends who own businesses.
Ontario, Canada
12 July 2016

So glad to hear from you, Stephen.... And soo glad to hear things are beginning to look a little brighter. I have wanted to place order, but didn't know if or when that was possible. Great to hear I am able to now! Will order this evening. Thanks for keeping in touch. Many blessings,

Renee, MS, USA
18 June 2015

I have just received my order today. I am very pleased with my hats. I hope and pray things are better there in Nepal. Gods blessings be upon you. Lillian, Australia
18 June 2015

Hi Stephen, The order arrived yesterday, thank you I love them, I want to order more if that is okay, Regards Yvonne, NewZealand

20 May 2015

Sending all my love and positive energy your way, if there's anything I can do to help your relief efforts please let me know

Michele Silveira, Marblehead, USA
26 April 2015

Hi Stephen .....I am absolutely heartbroken for Nepal and it's people. ...I hope you and your family are safe from harm ...Regards Sandra, Huddersfield, UK
27 April 2015

The order arrived safe and sound, lots of really nice stuff :)

Richard Buckley, UK
28 May 2015 

Hi there
We just received our package and r very 
Happy with everything. Postage was quick 
And ordering was easy. 
Thanks again for everthing hope to place
Another order very soon. 
Ryan, Australia
20 April 2015

Clothing is selling well and it looks like I will be ordering again soon.

Hello there Stephen, thanks for all your help, my order came, I'm on a mission to brighten up Buckinghamshire now! If all goes well i'll be in touch soon, take care, Tracy, Milton Keynes, UK  
23 March 2015

Hi Stephen Happy new year, hope it has started off well. Just wanted to let you now that I received my order today, and to say congratulations on a range of such beautiful clothing. I for one now that they will sell very quickly once posted on facebook. Thankyou and will be in touch for another order again soon. Cheers Fran, Perth, Australia

Hello Stephen,

Received the goods yesterday in good order, thanks very much. All of it looks lovely, I'm very happy with it all.
Thanks again, hope to order again soon. Kindest regards,
Marjon, Australia
Dec 2014

Hello Stephen....how are you my friend!

Thank you for the perfect timing! I am looking through it now.  I just open the top of the box and I am super excited! The jackets are super...uber...cool!

I want to thank you for all of your fantastic communication, and your emotional support through this. I know that we are going to do wonderful business, not just because of the clothing, you see.....it is because I feel as though you have a genuine caring about you for your customer.This is beautiful to see, and in this time, it is a bit rare. So thank you for the special caring, you will be blessed for it.
Lisa Pass Fatima, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
27 August 2014

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you again and compliment you on the lovely quality and beauty of your merchandise.
Fatima, Pennsylvania
3 September 2014

My order arrived this morning and I have unpacked and have put photos up on my facebook page. Have had so many comments, on there and through the shop that it is overwelming.

Thankyou again for your beautiful clothes, I am almost tempted to keep half for my own wardrobe. Exquisite clothing, gladly do business again soon.

Cheers, Fran, Australia
14 August 2014


Received on Thursday....love your stuff and its very good quality..had a very good response so far. I'm in the middle of doing a new order...
Tracy Pluschke, Australia
1 June 2014

Just Wanted to say, I received my goods today and have just hung and priced them. A credit to the people who made the clothing, it is eye catching and different.  Will be doing business in the near future, thankyou so much.
Fran Matthews, Rusty Threadz, Australia
4 April 2014

Hi and thank you , order is fantastic...thanks 
Mandy Nelson, Australia
30 May 2014 

My customers seem to like most everything. I look forward to checking out your new items when I get a chance.
Cathy Woods, Gypsy Wagon, USA
11 May 2014

We have received our stock Thank you It's like Christmas unwrapping it.
Susan Russell, Australia 
24 June 2014

Hi, was going to let you know tonight, but you beat me !.. It was delivered yesterday, I only opened it tonight.. Absolutely gorgeous, I am very happy thank you.. I will be purchasing more from you .. Thanks so much , 
Mandy Nelson, Australia
19 March 2014

My order arrived today and I'm sorry it caused so much fuss. The items are lovely and I was suprised that the items I was least excited about turned out to be some of my favourites. thank you and it is very nice to do business with you. Your very happy customer,
Paivi Ilpola, Australia
30 December 2013

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