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Wood Mala Beads

Browse a selection of sandalwood and red wood wrist mala beads. We offer our malas at wholesale prices to retailers around the world. We ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more. Shop yours now at the best wholesale prices and get your order shipped direct from Nepal.

Wood Wrist Mala Beads

Sandalwood wrist mala beads

If you're looking for a ritual wrist mala that aids in relaxation and reduces nervous energy, then choose our Sandalwood mala beads bracelets. Our range of malas are often used to meditate better and worn not only as an accessory, but to uplift mind, body and spirit. When worn, Sandalwood promotes spiritual awareness, energy and enthusiasm. The scent of sandalwood is a warm, soothing one that helps your mind to unwind. Did you know that sandalwood is among the top 10 most expensive woods in the world? Get your sandalwood wrist mala today and enjoy the best possible wholesale prices online. 

Rosewood wrist mala beads

Searching for wrist mala beads that improve circulation and promote healing? Our Rosewood mala bracelets will do just that. Rosewood contains medicinal properties that help with skin irriration and rejuvenates the cells. Rosewood is also said to bestow strength and courage to the wearer and dispels negative energy. Our Rosewood mala wrist beads need not only be worn when chanting your mantras. They can be worn for physical healing or as a fashion accessory wrapped around your wrist. 

Himalayan Handmades are wholesalers of an awesome selection of wood wrist malas handcrafted in Nepal. We endevour to bring our valued clients the highest quality products at the best prices possible. When you purchase your wood mala wrist beads, we will courier them to your door, direct from the manufacturer to most major destinations around the world.