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Pixie Boho Hoodies

Our pixie boho hoodies are by no means subtle. Each design screams bold, bright and beautiful, just the way we intended. If you are into unique, hand crafted fashion, then we're glad you've navigated your way to this page. We've hand picked a collection of the coolest hoodies you have ever seen and offer them to you at wholesale prices direct from Nepal. We've got a little inventive with our range and feature loud, bright designs in true hippie fashion. Get in touch with your wild, free spirited side and start raising a few eyebrows wherever you go. 
Our jackets showcase goa, pointed elf style hoods for individuals that want to make a statement. We are staying true to our vision of bringing you a unique range compared to your competitors, and helping you stay a step ahead of the alternative bohemian clothing market. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the wholesale clothing industry, we are able to design and manufacture styles catered to the needs of retail hippie clothing stores around the world. Hoodies are an essential in everyones closet and our daring creations will add just that little extra touch of color and flamboyance to yours. The sharp, dynamic styles and lively colors in this collection hold a special place in our hearts. 
Check out our recently added pullover hoodies in a warm cotton and acrylic fleece combination. They are light, comfy and will keep you warm and cozy without weighing you down. For the more fashion adventurous individuals, we recommend our rainbow hoodies Made from stretchable rib cotton that is soft to the touch. These super busy styles feature hand painting and embroidery in patched designs and bright colors. Perfect festival wear. 
For a more casual look, choose one of our zip up flower hoodies or plain razor cut designs. They look really great when paired with denim jeans. We are excited to bring you this range and hope that you will be just as excited when adding them to your cart. Our prices are really competitive and are guaranteed to save you a few dollars. Whether you're in the USA, Spain, Canada or Italy and beyond, we will ship your order to your door. 

Boho hoodies, razor cut hoodies

Boho hoodies  

Himalayan Handmades specialise in razor cut hoodies because we really love the design and they fly out of the shops we supply around the world. Our boho hoodies are all made in and around Kathmandu in by our small family run manufacturers who have created some awesome designs. 

Nepalese razor cut hoodies

Cutwork is all done by hand. A team of local Nepalese women sit together with a cup of chai and chat away while they literally razor cut the hoodies using sharp scissors. All the work is done by hand. Once the cuts have been made, the boho hoodies are taken across Kathmandu to one of a number of dying locations where master dyers will do the dying by hand. The colours can never be exact as it depends on how many hoodies are dyed at once. If it is teal, there might be very slight variations of the colour teal however this adds to the unique look that these Nepalese hoodies have. 

We supply boho Nepalese hoodies in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe. Most hoodie are full zip, with patchwork, and pockets on the side. They range in size from S/M through to XXL. Our wholesale boho hoodies are exported direct to retailers from Kathmandu, Nepal.

We supply shops & wholesalers worldwide!

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