Gold Plated Tibetan Bell

Tibetan bell
Gold Plated Tibetan Bell
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Tibetan gold plated bell

  • Stunning pure brass and gold plated Tibetan bell
  • It is around 7 inches long and 4.7 inches wide
  • It includes the dorje that is around 5 inches long
  • Beautifully carved with the Tibetan yin and yang symbol 
  • Handmade in Nepal.


Get the best wholesale deals on a unique selection of Buddhist dharma items from Nepal. Our range of ritual items reflect the rich culture, religion and tradition on the Kathmandu region. Our tingshas, or cymbals are a ritual tool used in Tibetan ceremonies. They are also widely used by yoga teachers, monks and meditation groups among others. Our Tibetan prayer boxes, or Gau, are portable shrines used to store prayers.
Our selection of offering bowls are available in sets of 7 representing the seven aspects of prayer. At Himalayan Handmades, our focus is on supplying our customers with high quality ritual products that capture the interest of a wide variety of customers across the world. Order now and enjoy wholesale prices and door to door courier in countries such as Australia, Spain, The UK, the USA and more.

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