Funky hippie hoodie

Patchwork hippie hoody
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This gorgeous but cheeky zip up funky hippie hoody is a detailed combination of warm colours and cutwork cotton ready to be worn on a chilly evening.

Wash in cold water and line dry.

Funky hippie hoodies

Funky Hippie Hoodies from Nepal, Wholesale Hoodies

Explore our hand crafted selection of funky, wholesale hippie hoodies made from rib cotton and stonewashed to give them that distressed, boho hippie clothing look. Nepalese hippie hoodies are truly something different. Local Nepali women will hand draw each flower patch, then cut it out by hand. Every leaf, circle and petal is cut out by hand and then creatively placed on a rib cotton design. Once the patches have been sewn onto the hoodie, they are taken across Kathmandu to our dye master.
Dying usually takes place outside and again, the process is done by hand. Our patchwork hippie hoodies are overdyed in various colors and then stone washed. Nepal is a third world country filled with amazingly talented and creative artisans. Their handwork is special to Nepal, and so is the dying process. The hoodies are hung out on a washing line in the sun to dry while our retail customers wait excitedly for the new production to be completed.
Once dry the baja hoodies, boho zip hoodies or Himalayan hoodies are taken back across Kathmandu to go through the next phase. Each item is ironed by hand, labels need to be sewn on each hoodie and then they are checked. 
Himalayan Handmades has a great selection of baja hoodies, as well as boho funky hippie hoodies which we pack and then send off to our customers in the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Europe.
So how many Nepali hands do you think one hippie hoodie will go through before it reaches you, the customer? Perhaps I will do a story on that. I think you would be surprised! 

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