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Himalayan Handmades has been selling hippie womens clothing for the past 30 years and has put together an awesome women's range all made in the mountain kingdom of Nepal. Over the years the styles have changed but the quality of the work done by our local women remains export quality. Browse through a stunning range of womens tops, hoodies, skirts, dresses and jackets, all part of our hand dyed and carefully designed hippy clothing range for women.

Hippie Clothing for Women

Our collection has been sourced and re-designed over the years from the streets of Kathmandu. These are really unique, having been hand tie-dyed, over dyed or stone washed and then hung out to dry as has been done many years by the local women who oversee all of our ladies clothing styles. If you are looking for hippie clothing for women, and have a shop, then consider placing an order. Your customers will absolutely love the earthy colors, unusual blockprint and intricate embroidery of hippie hoodies, tank tops, mini skirts and flowing dresses.


Himalayan Handmades have a stunning range of hippie womens clothes. We really want to bring the whole process to you, from the sourcing of the handwoven colourful fabric on the streets of Kathmandu, to the final seing on of the label. We are not just a large factory mass producing hippie clothes for women; you will be amazed to know that your beautiful hand dyed and stonewashed top probably went through more than 20 hands in making the final product.

The amazing process to make one item of hippy clothing for women

Once the fabric is at our factory, the cutting master gets to work, cutting all the shapes into the different sizes that we offer in one design. Next the individual pieces are carfully sewn together, sometimes on Singer sowing machines, before being passed on for embroidery or patchwork.

Your customers will absolutely love the earthy colors, unusual blockprint and intricate embroidery of hippie hoodies, tank tops, mini skirts and flowing dresses. Seated on the floor, under a whirring fan, women cut patches of flowers, butterflies and mushrooms by hand. Once cut these are sewn on by another group of women and if embroidery is included in the design, that would mean the embroiderers then get busy. Often the hoodies and tops are razor cut by hand, into various designs.

The dying process is done in another part of Kathmandu, where long baths of water with dye in the colors of turquoise, maroons, olive greens, purple and lilac are used to hand dye the clothing into vibrant and earthy colors. To give them the hippie womens clothing look, they are stone washed which give the faded look. The more stonewashing, the more faded the clothing looks.

Hippie clothes for Women - The Process

All these hippie clothes for women go through similar process, in fact ending up on a regular washing line to dry. If you travel around the neighborhoods of Kathmandu and in the Kathmandu Valley you will see, especially on sunny days, hippie tops, hoodies, pants, skirts and dresses hanging on washing lines behind small family factories, which are part of the cottage hippie clothing industry in Nepal. Once dry, a taxi or bicycle cylo will pick up the newly dyed range of womens hippie clothing, wrapped in large pieces of cloth and take them across Kathmandu once again to our Himalayan Handmades factory where the ironing is done, followed by labeling, folding, packing and distribution to the shops we supply around the world.

Hippie womens clothing designs from Himalayan Handmades

These fabulous designs that have either been embroidered, patched, over dyed, tie dyed, stonewashed, block printed or razor cut, or a combination of these, make up the wonderful hippie womens clothing designs you see on the streets of New York, London and Melbourne. Whether you are looking for tank tops, colorful hoodies, funky skirts or long flowing dresses, Himalayan Handmades can supply your shop with so many different designs each season.