Here’s Why We Love our Selection of Hippie Men’s Clothes

Handcrafted in the shadow of the mighty Himalaya’s, our selection of hippie men’s clothes just never stops trending up. If this is your type of fashion, we have a collection of styles that will unleash your inner hippie. In this blog, we’ll tell you just why we love our men’s hippie clothes and why we believe they should be a must in wardrobes all over the world.

hippie man sitting in a field of grass

Men’s hippie shirts

If you’re looking for timeless, hippy classics that sell well all year round, then our men’s hippie shirts are for you. These charming and generously-cut shirts are sure to inspire a stress-free lifestyle through their sheer lightness and comfort. At Himalayan Handmades, we always keep your styling needs in mind. When you buy your hippie shirts from us you will be getting a wide range of styles and affordability at its best. We’ve crafted our shirts in fabrics and colours that are sure to fascinate you.

                      patchwork hippie men's shirt                                     
Our fabrics are what make our shirts special. They are soft-to-the-touch and crafted using 100% cotton or rayon for assured comfort and long life. Choose from striped grandad shirts to mantra and block printed styles that ooze hippie charm. We spoil you with a choice of colours that reflect the vibrant culture of Nepal and its people. Fall in love with bold and beautiful designs that will have you looking good and feeling great. Our wholesale prices are also what make our kurta shirts a best seller. For just under 7 US dollars, you can afford to buy one in each colour and size we have available.

grandad shirt made in Nepal

Hippie pants men

Our men’s hippie pants are great value for money. Just like our shirts, they are light, comfortable and come in styles and colours that will blow your mind. A wardrobe without these will be a bland one. Choose from cargo trousers to yoga pants designed with hippies in mind. They have ample leg room for comfort and can be paired with your choice of our popular hippie shirts. Our sharma cargo pants are crafted using the most durable fabric and stonewashed to give it that rugged look.

                                 Cargo hippie trousers      
We’ve added a block printed feature to some of our pants to give them the ultimate festival look. These pants will turn heads and get you noticed. Indulge yourself in our kurta pants that are so comfortable, you will want to wear them every day. These affordable hippie pants sell volumes and show no signs of slowing down. As with our kurta pants, they are available in a multitude of colours so you’re spoiled for choice. They make for great casual wear and can even be doubled up as pajamas.

Hippie pants

Hippie yoga pants

Hippie hoodies

Escape the ordinary in our range of men’s hippie hoodies that will have you wishing it was winter all year. These handcrafted hippie winter styles include baja hoodies and woven cotton styles with or without fleece lining. Choose from pullover jackets to hippie zip up hoodies in high quality that is hard to find in an online store. If you’re looking for a must-have in your winter wardrobe, these jackets are it. Our patchwork styles are truly something to behold and have to be seen and felt to be appreciated. Patchwork styles are a hippie wardrobe staple and we’ve brought them to you at the most affordable wholesale prices so you save big.

Patchwork hippie hoodie
Stock up your hippie store with high quality hoodies for men that reflect your unique style. Let your customers be the proud owners of handmade hippie hoodies in designs and fabrics that make them feel good. Heat up those chilly days in warm and cosy jackets handmade with care and attention-to-detail in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal. Our hippie jackets are the perfect combination of cuteness, with a side of fierce.

 Hippie patchwork jacket

Men’s hippie fashion

All our men’s hippie clothes are shipped to you direct from manufacturers in Nepal so there’s no middle man. Our craftsmen and women have an appreciation for fashion and creativity and it shows in our styles. When we choose our men’s clothes, we focus on keeping you happy and engaged.

Forget the rules. If you like it, buy it.

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