Why You Need The Relaxing Aromas of Incense

The Relaxing Aromas of Incense

The pungent scents of incense smoke is not just used to cover up unpleasant odours, they provide a host of other benefits from stress relief to spiritual healing. Whether you’d like to believe it or not, incense has the power to influence your mood, the atmosphere around you, and create a relaxed vibe. Get captivated by the fragrances of our handcrafted incense and discover exotic scents from faraway places.

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Why is Incense so Popular?

Incense has been around for thousands of years and has played an important role in the everyday lives of millions worldwide. When burned, they release odours that can either be pleasing or putrid. Some of the aromatic scents of incense are said to accentuate the senses, reduce stress and alleviate insomnia. It is also used for aromatherapy, purification, in preparation of prayer and for rituals. Many cultures and religions have been using these smelly smoke sticks from as early as 3300 BC. Throughout many parts of the world, the use of incense for ritualistic and recreational purposes still remains present. Made of plant materials and essential oils, incense combines a heat source with aromatic elements that release fragrant smoke when burned.

Whether you’re looking for a healing scent, a meditation scent or just want to bring a pleasant smell into your surroundings, we’re sure you will find a fragrance that will suit your needs. Let’s explore just a few in our vast range and briefly break each one down. We hope that some of the products in our selection help your find your scent and serenity.

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The Tree Of Life Incense – Inspired by the fruit-bearing tree, the Tree of Life is believed to be the cosmic tree that connects all forms of creation. Tree of Life incense sticks are hand-rolled from carefully harvested Himalayan herbs, oils, resins and spices. This all-natural incense blend is available in 5 fragrances and each one provides you with something different.

Roots: For good fortune, choose Roots. We recommended this blend for yoga, meditation, relaxation and as an offering to the Buddhas. This is crafted using nag champa along with other specific herbal blends.

Trunk: For body and soul we have Trunk. This fragrance is made using red sandalwood and specific herbal blends.

Leaves: To bring peace and prosperity, the Leaves are want you want. Holy basil and specific herbal blends are used here.

Branches: are for knowledge & learning – Frankincense is used here

Fruits: is recommended if you’re in dire need of stress relief. Amber is used here.

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5 Elements Incense Sticks – These handmade Tibetan incense sticks from Nepal are prepared using all natural ingredients. They incorporate the 5 elements namely:

Fire - Good evening incense. Helps foster clarity while dreaming

Water - A meditation blend for use during meditation. Removes tension and purifies the mind.

Blue Sky - Good morning incense for purification of mental alertness and courage.

Wind - A healing blend beneficial for relieving stress, tension and depression.

Earth - A clean, wonderful scent that will calm and relax you.

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Natural Ayurvedic Rope Incense – This traditional Himalayan rope incense is prepared in accordance with "ancient traditional vaidic formula of the ayurvedic texts" Rope incense is made by sprinkling raw incense powder onto thin strips of handmade paper which are then twisted into ropes. This rope incense is great for concentration or to purify the atmosphere. 

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Natural Cone Incense - Made from delicate blends of exotic flowers & selected herbs & spices, this incense is available in a variety of fragrances. They provide gentle aromas and create spiritual moods. These cones are great to use as an air freshener as well. Choose from fragrances that include tea tree, patchouli, sandalwood, jasmine, lemon grass and more.

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If you’re unsure of which blend is right for your needs, why not choose one of our incense gift packs. They contain a variety of fragrances and are great as gifts or promotional products.

Himalayan Herbs Gift Pack - Contains 4 different natural aromatherapeutic incenses.

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Siddhartha incense gift pack – Contains Relaxense, Everest ritual Tibetan incense, pure sandalwood incense and Ritual Tibetan incense.

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Travelling Alter Gift Pack – This contains a complete package of Tibetan & Nepali incense ideal for worshiping during travel. When you purchase this box set, you will get the following: Offering Khada, prayer flags, mala prayer beads, Buddha statue, candle, cone incense, stick incense, rope incense, incense burner & natural resin.

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Bring untold smells to your home or retail space and add a touch of ambience by burning incense. Our wide selection is available at wholesale prices and we ship to many countries worldwide.  Our herbal Tibetan incense range is collectively made out of various aromatic herbs founds in high altitude regions of Tibet and the plains of Nepal. Our selection of herbal medicated incense sticks are made under the strict control of renowned herb masters. Our traditional Tibetan handmade incense is made following key instructions. This collection is widely used by Buddhist’s and many others for the purpose of meditation, relaxation, purifying and offerings.

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Looking for wholesale incense sticks? Himalayan Handmades has an online incense shop with a selection of incense that can be used for spiritual or health purposes. Our wholesale incense prices are fair allowing you the opportunity to stock your shop with a range of aromatic sticks direct from the manufacturer. Whether your looking for incense sticks or incense cones, our online store is the place to get it. 

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