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Hi, my name is Stephen Forster and I am the owner of Himalayan Handmades International.
I ranked Himalayan Handmades International on Page 1 of Google worldwide.

I can almost certainly get your shop into the Google-3-Pack locally.

With or without a website!!
 Stephen Forster PMB SEO


I am an expert in Local SEO

Which is why you found Himalayan Handmades
Can your potential customers find you in your town/suburb/city? If they type in...
"Hippie clothing shop"
"Boho store near me"
"Bohemian dresses + location"
"Where can I buy hemp bags"

Does your shop come up in the Google 3-Pack?
Can locals get directions to you?
                                             Bohemian hippie online shopping
If you are sitting in your shop and do a search for your shop, well then you should come up.
So don't check while you are sitting in your shop

Go for a cup of coffee some where and type in a few searches for items you sell.

You need to do the Google search on the other side of town, or 3 miles away.
Do you show up on Page 1 of Google?

This is the Snack Pack or Google-3-Pack

This is where you want to be!! There are only 3 places available.
Screenshot 2019 01 20 at 09.29.53
     If you can't see your business then you need some help 
A digital marketing company in the USA, Europe or Australia would cost you
US$399 - US$1500+to set up and optimised your Google My Business listing.
Our charge is only
Only US$250 

You may have ordered from Himalayan Handmades, you may not have.

The bottom line is - I know your industry. 
I can increase the number of customers walking in your door.
Just US$250, once off and I'll get your Google My Business (GMB) page optimised.

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Not convinced? Read on.
If you are languishing down the list, you are losing a heap of business

No one looks in the yellow pages anymore.
Locals search accounts for more than 50% of online sales.
If your shop is not in the Google pack of 3, then your competitors are taking your business.
Customers search on their phone for bohemian tops, hemp bags and hippie hats etc.

And you don't need a website!
You have a shop. Could be hippie. Might be bohemian or a mix of the two.
Black Friday sales were ok, Christmas sales could have been better.
You have an image of your store on you FB page and it looks pretty cool
Hippie boho shop
But you aren't sure how many potential customers have seen it.
You decide to search for your own shop and start typing
"bohemian shop near me"...nothing, zilch...not even on page 3
"hippie store near me"...why aren't I coming up? This is ridiculous
Tampa hippie shopping
You scroll down and find your amazing store in 8th place behind Jack's Smoke Shop
You gotta be kidding!
Sound familiar?
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 Only US$250


Google My Business for hippie, bohemian stores

The bottom line is that Google gives you a listing for free, even if you don't have a website.
It's the Google My Business page and looks like this - our South African wholesale division
HimalayanHandmades Google My Business 
HimalayanHandmades GMB hippie store
You find this page in the Google Snack Pack - scroll up to where you see the map of Tampa.
That's it...this is prime real estate when it comes to online shopping or searching locally for a store.
If you aren't showing up here, then your competitor down the road is getting all the business.
It even gives directions to your shop from your exact location.
This is mobile search. This is where you need to be. 
Hippie online shopping

You found Himalayan Handmades
in New York, San Francisco, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Rome etc.
In cities all over the world.
Can your customers find you locally?
If I can rank worldwide, then I can rank my customers in their town.
Please check out my Digital marketing website if you aren't sure
Click on the link and I will get back to you

We only supply shops & stalls!

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