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Wholesale Hemp Backpacks Online

Cash in on the hemp craze now and get the edge on your competitors. Himalayan Handmades brings you a selection of ultra cool hemp backpacks We manufacture a really cool selection of designs, combining durable cotton in bold colors with our 100% pure Nepalese hemp. Whether you're in the market for a hemp travel bag, laptop bag or hemp rucksack, our designs will have you covered. 

Himalayan Handmades hemp backpacks are hand crafted in Kathmandu, Nepal. Choose from a variety of hippie, boho designs that will amaze your customers. Get your wholesale hemp backpack order shipped to your door direct from Nepal allowing you to cut costs and save. We courier around the world from Italy to Spain to the USA and many more. Are you a wholesaler looking to buy hemp backpacks in bulk? Contact us for more information on reduced prices.

Wholesale Hemp Backpacks from Nepal

Hemp Backpacks at wholesale prices

So, you've decided to see what all the hemp hype is about by purchasing a few hemp products. You have come to the right place and trust us, you cannot go wrong if you do decide to add a few to your cart.This enviromentally friendly, sustainable fabric is all the rage lately. Himalayan Handmades now brings you an exclusive collection of adorable hemp backpacks that will no doubt, be a perfect addition to your store. 
Made from 100% pure hemp and combined with woven cotton in the most stunning colors, they are super affordable and highly durable. Great for students, hikers and travelers the like, there's room for a lot, including side pockets for a water bottle and zip up front pouches for your mobile device. Looking for a "hands free" solution to carrying your laptop around? Our spacious large backpacks will provide that convenience. 
If you're planning a on a short day trip, then our small backpacks will be right up your alley. They are just a compact version of our larger ones and just the thing you need if you don't have too much to carry around. Invest in a few and watch your customers line up to buy. Our hemp backpacks have been extremely popular with our customers in Italy and Spain with repeat orders on a regular basis