Shipping Rates From Kathmandu, Nepal

Please Note: Shipping rates are in United States Dollar

Shipping Rates 

  The courier rate per kg reduces as you add items. Your order will be sent door to door with either Aramex, DPEX or SkNet.                                                    

5<= Weight <5.999 ;Shipping= US$145

10<= Weight <10.999 ;Shipping=US$210

15<= Weight <15.999 ;Shipping= US$285

20<= Weight <20.999 ;Shipping= US$300

30<= Weight <30.999 ;Shipping= US$410

50<= Weight <50.999 ;Shipping= US$690

80<= Weight <80.999 ;Shipping= US$1085

100<= Weight <100.999 ;Shipping= US$1390

145<= Weight <999 ;No Shipping


                                COURIER RATES – ZONE - D - Special Rate

Your order will be sent via door to door courier with either Aramex, SkyNet or DPEX.

Australia – Belgium – France – Germany – Italy – United Kingdom

5<= Weight <5.999 ;Shipping= US$140

10<= Weight <10.999 ;Shipping= US$210

15<= Weight <15.999 ;Shipping= US$235

30<= Weight <30.999 ;Shipping= US$360

40<= Weight <40.999 ;Shipping= US$475

50<= Weight <50.999 ;Shipping= US$580

80<= Weight <999 ;No Shipping


                                                 Courier Rate Zone -  Canada

Your order will be sent via door to door courier with either Aramex, DPEX or SkyNet.

5<= Weight <5.99 ;Shipping= US$120

10<= Weight <10.99 ;Shipping= US$200

15<= Weight <15.99 ;Shipping= US$290

20<= Weight <20.99 ;Shipping= US$360

30<= Weight <30.99 ;Shipping= US$515

40<= Weight <40.99 ;Shipping= US$625

50<= Weight <50.99 ;Shipping= US$715

80<= Weight <80.99 ;Shipping= US$1175

100<= Weight <999 ;No Shipping


                   Zone D - Door to door courier charge

                                                            Your order will be sent via door to door courier. Add more items and the cost per kg reduces.

Austria – Cyprus – Denmark – Egypt – Greece – Indonesia – Japan – Luxemborg – Malaysia – Mexico – Monaco – Netherlands – Philippines – Portugal – Spain – Swaziland – Switzerland – Taiwan – Turkey

5<= Weight <5.99 ;Shipping= US$98

10<= Weight <10.99 ;Shipping= US$170

15<= Weight <15.99 ;Shipping= US$250

20<= Weight <20.99 ;Shipping= US$320

30<= Weight <30.99 ;Shipping= US$575

40<= Weight <40.99 ;Shipping= US$600

50<= Weight <999 ;No Shipping


                                                    COURIER RATES – ZONE F

                        Your order will be sent via door to door courier with either DPEX, Aramex or SkyNet.

Czech Republic – Finland – Ireland – New Zealand – Norway – Romania – Slovak Republic

5<= Weight <5.99 ;Shipping= US$120

10<= Weight <10.99 ;Shipping= US$230

15<= Weight <15.99 ;Shipping= US$315

20<= Weight <20.99 ;Shipping= US$395

30<= Weight <30.99 ;Shipping= US$585

40<= Weight <40.99 ;Shipping= US$750

50<= Weight <999 ;No Shipping


                                                                                        COURIER RATES - ZONE- E

                                                    Your order will be couriered door to door with either Aramex, DPEX or SkyNet

  Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of – Morocco – Poland – Sweden

5<= Weight <5.99 ;Shipping= US$105

10<= Weight <10.99 ;Shipping= US$160

15<= Weight <15.99 ;Shipping= US$255

20<= Weight <20.99 ;Shipping= US$315

30<= Weight <30.99 ;Shipping= US$460

40<= Weight <40.99 ;Shipping= US$620

50<= Weight <50.99 ;Shipping= US$770

60<= Weight <60.99 ;Shipping= US$930

78<= Weight <999 ;No Shipping


                                                                                              COURIER RATES – ZONE-H

                  Zone-H countries have a courier surcharge added to the order for door to door courier. The amount per kg depends on the weight.

Angola – Antigua and Barbuda – Aruba – Barbados – Benin – Bosnia and Herzegowina – Botswana – Georgia – Ghana – Gibraltar – Granada – Jamaica – Latvia – Lithuania – Macedonia, the former Yugoslav republic of – Madagascar – Malawi – Malta – Moldovia republic of – Serbia – Togo – Trinidad and Tobago – Ukraine – Virgin Islands (British) – Virgin Islands (US) – Zambia – Zimbabwe


5<= Weight <5.99 ;Shipping= US$200

10<= Weight <10.99 ;Shipping= US$360

15<= Weight <15.99 ;Shipping= US$500

20<= Weight <20.99 ;Shipping= US$650

30<= Weight <30.99 ;Shipping= US$940

41<= Weight <999 ;No Shipping



                                                                                           Your order will be sent via door to door courier.

Argentina – Belize – Bolivia  - Brazil – Chile – Columbia – Costa Rica – Croatia – Ecuador – El Salvador – Estonia – Ghana – Guatemala – Honduras – Hungary – Israel – Kenya – Mauritius – Mexico – Mozambique – Namibia – Nigeria – Panama – Paraguay – Peru – Russian Federation – Swaziland – Uruguay – Venezuela – Afghanistan

5<= Weight <5.999 ;Shipping= US$130

10<= Weight <10.999 ;Shipping= US$310

15<= Weight <15.999 ;Shipping= US$465

20<= Weight <20.999 ;Shipping= US$600

30<= Weight <30.999 ;Shipping= US$850

50<= Weight <50.999 ;Shipping= US$1300

70<= Weight <999 ;No Shipping

                                                                                                                            South Africa

Please note that for South African orders, we will bring them in via airfreight. We will combine orders with other retailers to reduce costs. 
We combine orders for South African retailers due to the high courier rates, 45% customs duty and customs VAT. Please continue to check out and we will contact you to discuss getting your order to you. We have an office in Pietermaritzburg, KZN, South Africa as well as in Kathmandu, Nepal. 
  1. Register here
  2. Click on a category from the menu on the left of your screen or Order at the top
  3. Click on the product name 
  4. You will be taken to the specific product page
  5. Click on the little plus sign if there are size options available. The number you first see is the minimum order for that product.
  6. Click on the size you require, unless free size
  7. Decide on how many pieces
  8. Add to cart
  9. This takes you to your order so far
  10. Continue shopping by clicking on the category you want.
  11. Minimum order is US$250 excluding courier costs.
  12. Once you have finished ordering fill in your details and CONFIRM PURCHASE
  13. You will first receive an automated confirmation of your order
  14. We will then personally confirm your order and let you know of payment options
  15. Payment is via a bank transfer to our Sony Handicrafts account with NMB Bank Limited
  16. You can also pay via PayPal. We will send an invoice once we receive your order.

Choose Your Payment Method

You have two options to pay online, either  through PayPal or wire transfer.  You can make online payment with major credit cards through PayPal which is the leading payment gateway. You do not need to have a PayPal account to complete this payment method. Your privacy and security is assured through PayPal.   

You can also make payment via wire transfer to our account. Please note wire transfer process will delay your order processing by four or five days due to time it takes to receive the fund to our account.

We would be happy to send reference from existing customers.

We accept payment bank to bank via Swift Transfer. Our forwarder in Nepal is Sony Handicrafts in Kathmandu. We have worked with them for many years and they do all our logistical work and forwarding. Our account is with NMB Bank LTD

We check your order, confirm that everything is available and send an invoice requesting payment. As soon as payment is received we will start making/processing your order. On completion we will courier door to door and send you tarcking details.

Please make sure you pay all banking charges so we receive the full amount.

Information to transfer payment to NMB Bank LTD, Nepal
Beneficiary : Sony Handicrafts
Account number : 01200900536230000001
Bank name
Swift Code : NMBBNPKA

Our bank address is

Bank address NMB
GPO Box 11543
Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepal Sony Handicrafts address
153/16, J.P.Marg , Chhetrapati , Kathmandu - 3 Nepal

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Any questions?
Can I buy just one piece?
No it is not possible for a manufacturer to make just one piece. 
Why do you prefer a bank transfer?
We have been using PayPal for a number of years now. We receive a Payment and that is 3.9% plus fixed fee. Then we need to clear it into an offshore account because there is no PayPal in Nepal and that is another cost. There is a loss due to the exchange rate. Then we have to send most of that payment to Nepal via a Bank to Bank transfer, the exact transfer that we would prefer our customers to do. This costs money to send the payment and receive the pament. Bottom line, it is just too expensive. But in saying that, we do accept PayPal. We just ask that you consider a bank transfer.
Do I have to pay on checkout?
No, we prefer that you have a look at your order and the courier costs. We will then contact you and if you are happy with your order, we will send through our banking details, which are also on .
Do you have a minimum order?
Minimum order is US$250. Smaller orders incur higher courier rates. Most of our orders are over US$500 which makes the cost of courier acceptable.
Why do we have to buy a minimum of 6 - 15 pieces for some items?
We don't keep stock of all items and so our manufacturers will make orders for us. They usually have much higher minimum orders however for our customers we can make a minimum of 6 - 15 pieces. It is too costly to make smaller orders and it also affects the dying process - we can't just dye 3 pieces!
Do you sell to the general public?
We sell to retailers who have shops or sell at festivals. We also supply wholesalers at lower prices. No we don't sell to the general public.
What distinguishes you from other companies exporting from Nepal?
There is a saying in Nepal "same, same but different". Most shops and online sellers seem to sell very similiar designs. We try and redesign or create new designs for retailers looking for something unique. We do also have items that are common, but we would preface that by saying, those items are popular and there is a demand for them. We feel our range is different and that your customers will appreciate the fact that you have sources something that is not "same, same but different"! 
What payment options do you offer?
At the moment customers can pay into our bank account which is with NMB Bank LTD in Kathmandu. You bank can arrange a swift transfer for you, bank to bank. We also accept payment using Western Union. .
How long do orders usually take?
If everything goes smoothly we should have your order packed up within 21 days working days, your payment takes a few days to reflect and then we courier your order door to door. We have to make most of the items. In 28 working days you should have your order however in Nepal things do not always run like clockwork. There are festivals, strikes, monsoon rains, supplier delays and more recently, a devastating earthquake. But the bottom line - we will get your order done as fast as we can. Power cuts have become the norm in Nepal, sometimes lasting up to 16 hours, depending on the time of year.
Which courier do you use?
Aramex, SkyNet, Fedex, TNT - but it depends on the destination.
Can you airfreight an order?
Sure, no problem. The order needs to be 45kg or higher.
Can you source items?
Yes, definitely! If you see something you think is from Nepal, drop us an e-mail and we will source it for you.
Are you looking at getting a bigger range?
As our cash flow builds up, we will add new items to our range. We have a larger range for 2018.
Are you going to increase your range to include other items from Nepal?
We are essentially in the rag trade however Nepal has so much more to offer and so YES, we are going to diversify. Dharma items, dream catchers, Natural soaps and oils are already on the website.
Why do some countries have to pay higher courier charges?
The courier companies do not have the same rates for all countries.
Who pays customs duties?
The customer is always liable to pay customs duties, depending on their country. Some countries have agreements with Nepal and there is no duty. In Australia there is no duty for orders under AUS1000. USA and Canada have very little or no customs duty. Please check with a forwarding agent in your country. South Africa has the highest we know of at 45% plus 15% VAT. Even so, clothing from Nepal sells extremely well in South Africa.


Himalayan Handmades International prides itself on customer satisfaction.
We will make every effort to ensure that all your concerns are dealt with fairly and, as we are are supplying you as a retailer, it is in our best interest to make sure that we build up a good B2B relationship to ensure future orders.
If the customer would like to return an item, contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. explaining the reasons and with photographs to back it up.
It is important to understand that slight variatians in weave, colour and size will occur naturally because most of our clothing and accessories are handcrafted. Insignificant manufacturing imperfections are not defects as many of the processes are done by hand.

Please consider your options carefully as sending back an item is costly. If there is any way an item can be sold at a discounted price, that would be preferred. We will then come to some sort of agreement for your next order, such as a discount. We will go out of our way to make sure you are 100% satisfied as we are looking at building long term business partners.
Please check and notify us about the product to return within 7 days after receipt of the order. Himalayan Handmades International will look into the matter and revert back to you. Claims made after one week of receipt of the order will not be accepted.
We can exchange goods for similar items and in such cases the transportation cost for returning goods to Nepal will be paid by the customer.
We will not be responsible if any goods are lost while being returned. Return shipping charges are the customer’s responsibility. You may ship your package using the delivery method of your choice.
Lost or damage of any products must be claimed directly with involved courier company. Himalayan Handmades Int. won't accept the returned goods if it is sent without our return authorization.
Upon receipt the returned goods, Himalayan Handmades International reserves the right to decide whether to refund or exchange the goods.

 Dashain Festival 10 - 19 October

The Dashain Festival has started in Nepal and all businesses will be closed for two weeks
We do continue to try and get orders off however it is more difficult
The month leading up to the biggest festival of the year is frantic with suppliers trying to complete
multiple orders. It is the same every year and unfortunately some suppliers are not able to finish on time. We do apologise for any inconvenience and ask you please to be patient over this time.


Our customer feedback

Hi guys!! I want to thank you sooo much!! I received my order just on time for my festival Saturday!!! It was a great success!! I'm really so grateful!! All the clothes and bags I ordered are awesome!!!! You get 5 stars from me!! And what great communication and service!! I apologize for being pushy, I was nervous I wouldn't get it in time, but you guys were on point and true to your word!! Will be ordering again!! Thank you!!  - Kari Colombo- The Weird Little Shop-Pleasant Garden-USA- 19/06/2017

Hi Stephen, Arrived safely today - thanks for that.
Best wishes Shaz
New Zealand

Hi there Stephen, just wanted to let you know that my package arrived today and I'm absolutely thrilled with the quality of the garments. I will definitely be placing regular orders. A quick question for you; am I able to use your stock photos in my advertising? Many thanks for your time,
NSW, Australia

The items are beautiful we are very please with the quality! I will be ordering again in january.
Diane, Palm Desert, California
2 November 2016

Hello, I received the parcel. 
I love the Shawls, Also more beautiful than I thought.
The woolen is so soft and warm, I'm definetely satisfied with them.
Thanks, Kind regards 
Stella, Italy

The package was waiting for me at the post office. Thanks for everything Stephen. ???? Take care!!
Best wishes,
North Carolina, USA

The package arrived today. The items are really great! Thank you. 
Kind regards, Fiona
September 2016

Yes!!! I can't believe they are here!!!
Thanks Stephen. They are very cute and I'm
Sure will sell. 
South Australia

Good Morning Stephen My shipment arrived yesterday and I just finally got a chance to go through it. I'm ecstatic with all my goods. So very pleased with the quality and selection. Thank you so very much for everything and I hope we can still do business in the future. My boss is now comfortable with your company lol. Again thank you so much, I've already picked 5 pieces out for myself. Is there any place I can write a review for your company? I've already shared your information with 2 of my friends who own businesses.
Ontario, Canada
12 July 2016

So glad to hear from you, Stephen.... And soo glad to hear things are beginning to look a little brighter. I have wanted to place order, but didn't know if or when that was possible. Great to hear I am able to now! Will order this evening. Thanks for keeping in touch. Many blessings,

Renee, MS, USA
18 June 2015

I have just received my order today. I am very pleased with my hats. I hope and pray things are better there in Nepal. Gods blessings be upon you. Lillian, Australia
18 June 2015

Hi Stephen, The order arrived yesterday, thank you I love them, I want to order more if that is okay, Regards Yvonne, NewZealand

20 May 2015

Sending all my love and positive energy your way, if there's anything I can do to help your relief efforts please let me know

Michele Silveira, Marblehead, USA
26 April 2015

Hi Stephen .....I am absolutely heartbroken for Nepal and it's people. ...I hope you and your family are safe from harm ...Regards Sandra, Huddersfield, UK
27 April 2015

The order arrived safe and sound, lots of really nice stuff :)

Richard Buckley, UK
28 May 2015 

Hi there
We just received our package and r very 
Happy with everything. Postage was quick 
And ordering was easy. 
Thanks again for everthing hope to place
Another order very soon. 
Ryan, Australia
20 April 2015

Clothing is selling well and it looks like I will be ordering again soon.

Hello there Stephen, thanks for all your help, my order came, I'm on a mission to brighten up Buckinghamshire now! If all goes well i'll be in touch soon, take care, Tracy, Milton Keynes, UK  
23 March 2015

Hi Stephen Happy new year, hope it has started off well. Just wanted to let you now that I received my order today, and to say congratulations on a range of such beautiful clothing. I for one now that they will sell very quickly once posted on facebook. Thankyou and will be in touch for another order again soon. Cheers Fran, Perth, Australia

Hello Stephen,

Received the goods yesterday in good order, thanks very much. All of it looks lovely, I'm very happy with it all.
Thanks again, hope to order again soon. Kindest regards,
Marjon, Australia
Dec 2014

Hello Stephen....how are you my friend!

Thank you for the perfect timing! I am looking through it now.  I just open the top of the box and I am super excited! The jackets are super...uber...cool!

I want to thank you for all of your fantastic communication, and your emotional support through this. I know that we are going to do wonderful business, not just because of the clothing, you see.....it is because I feel as though you have a genuine caring about you for your customer.This is beautiful to see, and in this time, it is a bit rare. So thank you for the special caring, you will be blessed for it.
Lisa Pass Fatima, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
27 August 2014

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you again and compliment you on the lovely quality and beauty of your merchandise.
Fatima, Pennsylvania
3 September 2014

My order arrived this morning and I have unpacked and have put photos up on my facebook page. Have had so many comments, on there and through the shop that it is overwelming.

Thankyou again for your beautiful clothes, I am almost tempted to keep half for my own wardrobe. Exquisite clothing, gladly do business again soon.

Cheers, Fran, Australia
14 August 2014


Received on Thursday....love your stuff and its very good quality..had a very good response so far. I'm in the middle of doing a new order...
Tracy Pluschke, Australia
1 June 2014

Just Wanted to say, I received my goods today and have just hung and priced them. A credit to the people who made the clothing, it is eye catching and different.  Will be doing business in the near future, thankyou so much.
Fran Matthews, Rusty Threadz, Australia
4 April 2014

Hi and thank you , order is fantastic...thanks 
Mandy Nelson, Australia
30 May 2014 

My customers seem to like most everything. I look forward to checking out your new items when I get a chance.
Cathy Woods, Gypsy Wagon, USA
11 May 2014

We have received our stock Thank you It's like Christmas unwrapping it.
Susan Russell, Australia 
24 June 2014

Hi, was going to let you know tonight, but you beat me !.. It was delivered yesterday, I only opened it tonight.. Absolutely gorgeous, I am very happy thank you.. I will be purchasing more from you .. Thanks so much , 
Mandy Nelson, Australia
19 March 2014

My order arrived today and I'm sorry it caused so much fuss. The items are lovely and I was suprised that the items I was least excited about turned out to be some of my favourites. thank you and it is very nice to do business with you. Your very happy customer,
Paivi Ilpola, Australia
30 December 2013

Shipping Details from Nepal
Himalayan Handmades International delivers to all international destinations. There are two main shipping methods to choose from: courier and air freight.
Your order to be shipped with one of the following couriers Aramex, FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, USPS, EMS, ARAMEX. Delivery time is around 21 business days door to door. Most items need to be made by our manufacturers and as the clothing often involves hand work, it is time consuming.

Orders over 10kg are generally cheaper to send. The cost per kg reduces for every extra kg you order. For countries where the courier rate from Nepal is higher, bulky and lightweight shipments such as felt items, courier service will use the greater of either the volumetric or actual weight. The universal volumetric weight determine formula for courier service is (Length cm X Width cm X Height cm)/5000 = total volumetric weight (kg)
Air Freight
In Nepal goods are air freighted from Tribhuvan International airport (TIA)
These are international airlines operating out of Nepal -, Thai, Singapore, Qatar, Gulf, Emirates, Etihad, Cathay, PIA, China southern, China eastern, British, American Airlines and Nepal Airlines.
Delivery is around 21 working days, depending on destination, season and availability of airline space. A minimum of 45kg is required to use this service but 100kg + is preferable for air freight. This service also determines the weight using the greater of either the volumetric or actual weight. Universal volumetric weight formula for airfreight is  (Length cm X Width cm X Height cm)/6000 = total Volumetric Weight (kg)
Delivery is airport to airport only
Once the package arrives at the airport the customer or their custom handling agent needs to clear the order through customs and arrange for further delivery to your retail outlet or wholesale offices.
  1. Insurance :
    We strongly recommend insurance on all orders which will protect your order against loss or damage during shipping. We are not responsible for lost or damaged orders caused by the courier.
  2. Risk of Loss in Transit/Delivery:
    Orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Kathmandu Nepal. All orders are carefully checked and packed before leaving our facility for shipping, however, loss may occur in transit which is beyond Himalayan Handmades International’s control. This includes theft, fire, strikes, lockouts and withholding of shipment in the event of any unforeseen governmental acts and regulations.  Himalayan Handmades shall not be liable for any loss of goods, failure to deliver or delays in delivery once the order has been handed over to the courier or airfreight. Claims for loss of merchandise or discrepancies must be made within 48 hours after receipt of your order, with the carrier. We are happy to assist with any information needed for you to make a claim.
  3. Claims :
    Please check your packages carefully. If there is visible damage to the outside of the box, this must be noted when you sign for the package which makes it easier to claim against damaged merchandise from the carrier. If you are claiming damages, you must retain all the original boxes and packing material for inspection.
  4. Duties and Taxes :
    International customers may be subject to import duties and taxes which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country and so you need to contact your local customs office for further information. Additionally, when ordering from Himalayan Handmades, you are considered the importer of the item and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods. Generally, customs forms for international packages will list the value of your order's contents by product type. International customers and customers shipping products internationally should be aware that cross-border shipments are subject to opening and inspection by customs authorities.
  5. Order not received:
    In the event that a non-delivery occurs on account of a mistake by the customer (i.e. wrong name or address) any extra cost incurred by Himalayan Handmades for redelivery shall be claimed from the customer.
  6. Wrong order:
    If Himalayan Handmades have shipped the wrong order to you, please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order. It has to be supported with proof of photographs taken of  the wrong merchandise for our investigation. If it is found that the error was the fault of Himalayan Handmades Int. we will rectify the situation.
  7. Shipping Charge:
    All of our shipping quotes include documentation fees,  local handling , packing & fees and all other local charges.

Wholesale Hippie Clothing

Wholesale hippie clothing couriered direct from Nepal

Namaste friends and welcome to Himalayan Handmades International. If you're in the market to purchase a diverse collection of export, wholesale hippie clothing & accessories, then you're in the right place. We courier our hippie clothing direct to retailers world wide from Canada to New Zealand & everywhere in between. All the prices displayed in this online catalogue are wholesale. Place your order now and we will e-mail you with confirmation and payment details. Your order will then be couriered door to door. Start increasing profits now by purchasing direct from the source. You will no doubt, cut costs & save big.

Navigate your way through our charming collection of festival style harem pants and find out just why we rate them as one of our top 5 best selling products. They are super affordable, ultra comfortable and perfect gear for your yoga or meditation sessions. Our customers in the USA, Australia and UK just cannot get enough of our pixie, wrap hippie minis, psy-trance mini skirts and fair trade funky ethnic skirts.
Allow your customers to go from the boardroom to casual with ease in our wholesale unisex granddad shirts.  Our handwoven Mexican style baja ponchos are festival wear at it's best and should be a staple fashion item in any free spirits closet. Get your hands on a few of our hand woven men's hippie jackets and wrap yourself in warmth. You will fall in love with winter. 
By popular demand, we have extended our range to include a Dharma Shop. We have a small, but exclusive collection of exotic Tibetan singing bowls at the best wholesle prices. Singing bowls have been used worlwide for centuries for meditation and healing purposes. The range of sounds they produce can aid in promoting healing, decreasing pain, stress and depression as well as bringing harmony to mind, body and soul. Our singing bowls have been purchased by customers worlwide including from the USA, the UK, and Canada, to name just a few.
Our Online store also stocks a range of Buddhist ritual items all carefully hand crafted in Nepal. Shop tingsha chimes, prayer boxes, Tibetan bells and offering bowls at prices guaranteed to have you coming back for more. In the market for Buddha statues? Look no further than Himalayan Handmades. We have a high quality selection of Buddha, Ganesh, Tara and skull statues. Need prayer wheels in your store bust just can't seem to find them at wholesale prices? Click here and discover hand held and standing prayer wheels that are all hand crafted by skilled artisans in the Kathmandu valley.
We all want to promote good fortune, peace and prosperity, don't we? Why not add some of our prayer flags to your cart. Hang them around your business or home and benefit from  the spiritual atmosphere it will create around you. Without a doubt, one of our most loved and purchased products in our dharma shop is our prayer beads. Our diverse collection includes yoga bracelets as well as 108 bead malas. Our mala beads are crafted using a variety of stones ranging from Lapis Lazuli, Jade stone, Crystal and many more. Shield yourself from negative energy and enhance your meditation practices by purchasing our prayer beads now.
In addition, we offer you a great way to store your beads in the form of our jewelry bags. They can be used for a variety of purposes including storing trinkets and charms. They come in a range of bold, bright colors and are hand crafted using silk fabrics.
Tired of having a blank wall in your living space? Why not adorn it with our stunning collection of wall decor.  Crafted using batik cotton and silk brocade fabrics, our wall hangings include zodiac designs, Buddha and Shiva designs and more.
Do you have a jewelry store and need to widen your collection? Why not wow your customers and include some handmade Tibetan jewelry We have a charming selection of hand made pendants, beautifully crafted necklaces and stunning rings and earrings. Handmade jewelry has never looked so good

Don't miss out on our wholesale hippie bags in daring designs & bold colours. A great deal of care and attention to detail goes into the making Himalayan Handmades hippie merchandise. We make use of razor cutwork, handwork, patchwork, embroidery, stonewash and tie-dye in the manufacture of our hippie tops, boho dresses and hippy bags. Most of the processes our clothing goes through is done by hand by skilled artisans in the Kathmandu valley. Stock up now on fashion from faraway places.
If you live in South Africa and are looking to buy retail, or wholesale hippie bohemian clothing online then click here->->->Himalayan Handmades South Africa

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